Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has many definitions. But, what does green cleaning mean to Dust Collectors? Green cleaning for us means using cleaning solutions and methods to keep the environment healthy. Environmentally safe products are often explained as products or services that have a reduced effect on our health and the environment when compared with competing chemical products or services that distribute the same motive. Green Cleaning is much more than the use of environmentally safe products. It is extensive and includes the distinctive needs of a facility or home and its residents, as well as cleaning chemicals, equipment, paper products, procedures, and training programs.

Green Cleaning has shown the following:

The air quality inside has improved. Complaints have gone down. Saved business owners and homeowners money.

Green Cleaning has many benefits environmentally and economically:

Improves air and water quality. Protects and enhances natural habitats. Improves employee positivity and satisfaction. Provides the health and wellbeing of our society.